Baby Girl Names (Letter X)

Most Popular Name Generators

1. Baby Name Generator
Do you want to give your child a first name that has a combination of both parent's name in it? Who wouldn't? Well, now you can... The baby name generator will let you pick two names to combine and mix up to make the perfect 1 name. You can customize by gender, origin, and type of match (same meaning, same sound, or mix both). With a free account, you can save the results of each match type.
2.Middle Name Generator
If you have the first name picked out for your child, but not the middle name, then this is the perfect name generator for you. You can generate names by gender, origin and you can also pick either 1 or 2 middle names and what letter they start with. With a free account, you can save the results to view them later.
3.Twin Name Generator
Are you have twins and need matching names? We have the perfect generator for you. Select the gender and origin and start generating names. You can select from both boys, both girls or one boy and one girl. Congratulations on your new set of twins... have tons of fun naming them. Don't forget to leave a comment with the names you chose for others to see.
4.Alternate Name Speller
So... you found a great name, but you want it to me more unique? This is the perfect tool for you, enter any name and our alternate name speller will generate alternate possible spellings. One example might be be, Marlie - Marley, Marli, Marlee, Marliegh. Another example, Jason - Jasen, Jasenn, Jasin, Jasinn, Jasyn, Jayson. Try it out and leave a comment if you find something you like.