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President Names

Consider these names of the US Presidents when naming your baby.

Name #

Donald John Trump, Sr. 45
Barack Hussein Obama II 44
George Walker Bush 43
William Jefferson Clinton 42
George Herbert Walker Bush 41
Ronald Wilson Reagan 40
James Earl Carter, Jr. 39
Gerald Rudolph Ford, Jr. 38
Richard Milhous Nixon 37
Lyndon Baines Johnson 36
John Fitzgerald Kennedy 35
Dwight David Eisenhower 34
Harry S. Truman 33
Franklin Delano Roosevelt 32
Herbert Clark Hoover 31
Calvin Coolidge 30
Warren Gamaliel Harding 29
Woodrow Wilson 28
William Howard Taft 27
Theodore Roosevelt 26
William McKinley 25
Benjamin Harrison 23
Grover Cleveland 22/24
Chester Alan Arthur 21
James Abram Garfield 20
Rutherford Birchard Hayes 19
Ulysses Simpson Grant 18
Andrew Johnson 17
Abraham Lincoln 16
James Buchanan 15
Franklin Pierce 14
Millard Fillmore 13
Zachary Taylor 12
James Knox Polk 11
John Tyler 10
William Henry Harrison 9
Martin Van Buren 8
Andrew Jackson 7
John Quincy Adams 6
James Monroe 5
James Madison 4
Thomas Jefferson 3
John Adams 2
George Washington 1
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