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Baby Shower Games

If you are in need of baby shower game ideas, here is a list of them to keep your guests laughing.

1. Diaper Game
Get a diaper game kit from your local party store and a bag of different chocolate candies. You melt one candy per diaper and your guests have to smell the diapers and guess which candy is in them. Make sure you number the diapers and keep a cheat sheet of which candy is in each diaper. Who ever gets the most guesses correct, wins!

2. Baby Bottle Game
Each guest gets a baby bottle, all bottles are filled with an equal amount of juice. Which ever guest drinks the juice the quickest, wins!

3. Baby food Game
Provide five or more jars of baby food with labels removed. Mark numbers on each jar and have a cheat sheet as to which food is in each jar. Pass the jars around and provide each guest with pen and paper to write down which food they think is in each jar. Who ever guesses the most correct, wins!

4. Guess Mommy's Belly Measurement
You can use a regular cloth tape measure or there are special ones for this game. Before the guests arrive, measure the pregnant mother's belly and write it in a cheat sheet or memorize it, each guest has to guess the distance around the mothers belly.Who ever has the closest guess, wins!

5. Jelly Bean Game
Count out jelly beans or even m&m's and place them in a jar, guests have to guess the amount of candies and who ever is closer, wins!

5. Don't Say "Baby" game As each guest arrives to the shower, they
are given a safety pin or a necklace with a plastic pacifier hanging from it. Each person who is caught saying baby has to hand over their pin or necklace to the person who caught them saying "baby". Who ever has the most pins by a certain time, wins!

6. Baby Bingo
Each guest gets a Bingo card, Bingo chips, and a pen or pencil. Who ever get Bingo wins!

7. Melt the Ice Cube game
You need tiny plastic babies, found at the party store, and ice cube trays. You need enough for each guest to have one ice cube with a baby in each cube. Each guest gets a paper towel and an ice cube, who ever melts the icecube by rubbing it in your hands, and gets the baby out first, wins!

8. Pacifier Pass
You need one straw per guest and 1 pacifier per team of 5 guests. Each guest on each team lines up with a straw in their mouths. The first person on each team has to place the pacifier on their straw and pass on to each teamates straw with out touching with your hands. Which ever team passes it quickest, wins!

9. Pin The Pacifier
On The Baby Have a picture of a baby on the wall, a blind fold, and a picture of a pacifier for each guest. Each guest has to take turns, blind folded, trying to pin the pacifier to the baby's mouth. Who ever is closest, wins!

10. Blind Folded Diapering
Seperate guests into teams of 5, each team gets a baby doll with a diaper on, a blind fold and a extra diapers. Each team mate has to take turns being blind folded and removing the current diaper and putting on a new one. Which ever team finishes first, wins!

11. Baby Food Test Taster
You need about 5 jars of baby food with labels removed. Label each jar with a number and label the wrappers with the same number to keep track of which food is in each jar. Each guest gets 5 clean plastic spoons, a peice of paper and a pen. As the jars of food are passed around, each guest gets to use one clean spoon and taste the food, they write down what they think is in the jar. No double dipping! Who ever guesses the most correct, wins!

12. Baby Word Search
You can either make a word search or purchase them at the party store. Each guest gets a word search and a pencil. Set a timer and who ever finds the most words, wins!

13. Baby Cross Word Puzzle
You can either make your own cross word or you can purchase them at your local party store. Each guest is given a cross word and who ever gets the most correct in a set amount of time, wins!

14. Baby Name Game
Each guest gets a peice of paper and a pen, everyone has to write a baby name down for each letter of the alphebet. Who ever guesses a name for each letter, the fastest, wins!

15. Guess Whats in the Diaper bag
Fill up a diaper bag with baby related items, each guest has to write down a list of what they think may be in the bag. Who ever guesses the most items correct, wins!

16. Guess What is in Mommy's Purse
Have an old purse and fill it with what you think a mom will carry in her purse. Have each guest guess what is in the purse and who ever guesses the most items correct, wins!

17. Guess The Baby Game
On the invitations, mention each guest to bring a baby picture of themselves. When each guest arrives, hang collect the baby pictures and then hang them on the wall or arrange them on a table top. Each guest gets a pen and paper and has to guess which baby is who. Who ever guesses the most correct, wins!

18. Diaper Derby
Seperate guests into teams of at least 3 players per team, each team gets a roll of toilet paper. The team picks one person on their team and they have a certain amount of time to wrap them up in toilet paper, making a toilet paper diaper. Which ever team is more creative, wins!

19. Guess The Price
You can print out pictures of different baby items, or you can actually purchase them for the mother to keep. Write down the price of each item and keep the prices hidden, each guest gets a peice of paper and a pen and has to write down what they think the cost of each item is.

20. Pin The Baby On The Belly
Print out a large picture of the mother to be and hang her on the wall, print out a life size picture of a baby. Each guest is blind folded, one at a time, and has to try to pin the baby on the moms belly. Who ever is closest, wins!

21. Feed The Baby
Seperate guests into teams of 3, one guest gets to wear a large bib and the other 2 are blind folded and have to try to feed the other the apple sauce without looking. Who ever finishes the apple sauce the quickest, wins!

ziana said:
Never been to a baby shower, but I am going to my sisters next week. Thanks for the list.

me said:
Baby Bingo! B I N G O!!

Robyn said:
lol yes that one is fun.

Adela said:
I love # 20

jill said:
Great ideas!

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