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Biblical Baby Names

Consider these names from the Bible when naming your baby.

  Aaron - (Literary)
Appeared in Titus Andronicus
  Aaron - (Hebrew)
Revered; Sharer; mountain of strength
  Aaron - (Arabic)
Shining light; High mountain; Messenger
  Abel - (Spanish)
Son of Adam and Eve
  Abel - (German)
  Abel - (Hebrew)
Peaceful; Handsom; Vital; Father of Many; breath, vapour
  Abel - (Arabic)
Breath; Child
  Abel - (Mexican)
Son of Adam and Eve
  Abigail - (Latin)
Head of a monastery
  Abigail - (Hebrew)
A father's joy; father of exaltation
  Abraham - (Literary)
Appeared in Romeo & Juliet
  Abraham - (Hebrew)
Father of many; father of a multitude (of nations)
  Ada - (English)
  Ada - (Anglo Saxon)
  Ada - (African)
First born females
  Ada - (German)
Joyful; Noble
  Ada - (Hebrew)
Noble kind
  Adam - (Literary)
Appeared in As You Like It
  Adam - (Hebrew)
Created by God; earth
  Adam - (Dutch)
  Andrew - (French)
Manly; Valiant; Courageous
  Andrew - (Greek)
Manly; Valiant; Courageous; man, warrior
  Angel - (French)
Angel of wine
  Angel - (Greek)
Angel; Heavenly messenger; messenger; messenger of God
  Angel - (Greek)
messenger; messenger of God
  Anna - (English)
Favor; Grace
  Anna - (Spanish)
Bringer of Peace; Hope
  Anna - (Latin)
  Anna - (Native American)
Mother (Algonquin)
  Anna - (Hebrew)
Grace; He (God) has favored me
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