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Biblical Baby Names

Consider these names from the Bible when naming your baby.

  Anna - (Literary)
Arthur's sister
  Anna - (Catalan)
God was gracious; God has shown favor.
  Asher - (Hebrew)
Fortunate; Lucky; Blessed; Happy; happy
  Atarah - (Hebrew)
  Barak - (Hebrew)
Victory against overwhelming odds
  Barak - (Arabic)
White one
  Barak - (African)
lightning; blessing; grain farm
  Barnabas - (Hebrew)
Son of prophecy
  Barnabas - (Spanish)
son of consolation
  Bartholomew - (Hebrew)
Furrow; Hill
  Bartholomew - (Aramaic)
son of Talmai (the farmer)
  Bathsheba - (African)
Daughter of the Queen of Sheba - the legendary ruler of Abyssinia; Daughter of the oath
  Bathsheba - (Hebrew)
Daughter of the oath; daughter of oath
  Benjamin - (Hebrew)
Son of the right hand; son of the south; son of my old age
  Candace - (English)
Ethiopian queen
  Candace - (Greek)
Glowing; Glittering
  Candace - (Latin)
clarity, whiteness
  Chloe - (Greek)
Blooming; green shoot
  Claudia - (English)
  Claudia - (Spanish)
  Claudia - (Latin)
Lame; lame
  Claudia - (German)
  Damaris - (Hebrew)
  Damaris - (Greek)
  Damaris - (Latin)
calf; to tame; gentle
  Dan - (Hebrew)
My judge is the Lord; judge; God is my judge
  Deborah - (Hebrew)
A bee; To speak kind words; bee
  Delilah - (Hebrew)
Delicate; Amorous; Desired. Languishing; languishing, lovelorn, seductive
  Diana - (French)
Goddess of the Moon
  Diana - (English)
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