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Biblical Baby Names

Consider these names from the Bible when naming your baby.

  Diana - (Latin)
Divine; divine
  Diana - (Literary)
Appeared in All's Well that Ends Well; Pericles
  Diana - (Catalan)
Light, deity
  Dinah - (Hebrew)
Vindicated; Judgement; justified
  Elijah - (Hebrew)
Jehovah is God; the Lord is my God
  Elizabeth - (French)
Stranger; Lovely
  Elizabeth - (English)
My God is bountiful; God of plenty
  Elizabeth - (German)
God's oath
  Elizabeth - (Hebrew)
House of God; God's promise; God is my oath
  Elizabeth - (Literary)
Sister of Mark
  Elon - (Greek)
sun ray, shining light
  Elon - (Hebrew)
oak tree
  Ephraim - (Hebrew)
Very fruitful; fruitful
  Esther - (Latin)
  Esther - (Persian)
Star; myrtle leaf
  Esther - (Hebrew)
  Eunice - (Greek)
Victorious; good victory
  Eve - (Hebrew)
  Eve - (Latin)
life, animal
  Ezekiel - (Hebrew)
Strength of God; strength of God
  Gabriel - (Spanish)
God is my strength
  Gabriel - (Hebrew)
God is my strength; God's able-bodied one; hero of God
  Gabriel - (Hebrew)
heroine of God
  Gad - (Native American)
Juniper tree (Navajo)
  Gad - (Hebrew)
fortune, luck
  Gideon - (Hebrew)
Mighty warrior; feller of trees; powerful warrior
  Hagar - (Hebrew)
Flight; forsaken
  Hannah - (English)
Favor; Grace. Biblical mother of the prophet Samuel.
  Hannah - (Hebrew)
Favor; Grace. Biblical mother of the prophet Samuel.
  Hannah - (Hebrew)
God's grace; He (God) has favored me
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