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C-Section (Cesarean section)

Do you worry about having a cesarean section surgery?

Do you worry about having a cesarean section surgery? I know I did. From the minute I found out that I was expecting my first child I worried about not being able to give birth naturally. Let me explain to you the good and bad that go with a having a c-section.

Believe it or not but about 1-in 4 births are by cesarean section. This rate continues to grow over the years. C-sections happen when the mother is unable to give birth naturally due to medical conditions or complications. Some women now a days are even electing to have a c-section done when there is no reason behind it. Below is a list of c-section rates per state. Check your State out and you might just be surprised.

Alabama 28.7 Missouri 25.7
Alaska 19.5 Montana 24.2
Arizona 21.3 Nebraska 30.9
Arkansas 29.1 Nevada 19.1
California 26.8 New Hampshire 27.1
Colorado 21.1 New Mexico 26.4
Connecticut 26.1 New York 23.1
Delaware 27.3 North Carolina 23.6
Florida 26.5 North Dakota 28.1
Georgia 28.5 Ohio 23.4
Hawaii 25.9 Oregon 24.8
Idaho 21.4 Pennsylvania 26.2
Illinois 19.7 Rhode Island 26.2
Indiana 23.9 South Carolina 24.8
Iowa 24.8 South Dakota 26.3
Kansas 24.8 Tennessee 27.5
Kentucky 28 Texas 27.9
Louisiana 30.4 Utah 19.1
Maine 25.7 Vermont 20.9
Maryland 27.5 Virginia 26.8
Massachusetts 28 Washington 24
Michigan 24.9 West Virginia 29.3
Minnesota 22.2 Wisconsin 20.6
Mississippi 31.1 Wyoming 21.1

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