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Abbe - Father; stern, somber; father; father, priest
Afra - From Africa
Amil - beloved
Analise - graced with God's bounty
Angel - messenger; messenger of God
Angella - messenger; messenger of God
Aniya - grace
Ardian - Ardian \a-rdian, ar-dian\ as a boy's name is of Albanian and Italian origin. Name of a king of the old Albanian nation Iliret. As an Italian name, Ardian is derived from the river Arda in Northern Italy. Writer Ardian Lee.

Baby names that sound like Ardian are Ardin, Arden and Ardon. Other similar baby names are Arian, Arran, Arin, Aran, Adan, Adin, Aidan, Aydin, Aydan, Aldin, Aldan, Ardal, Ardie, Arda, Arion, Arien, Arlin, Arlan, Arman, Armin, Arnan, Arrin, Arvin and Arwin.
Arnett - little eagle
Arshad - Arshad \a-rshad, ar-shad\ as a boy's name.

Similar baby names are Archard, Arvad, Arpad, Harshad and Rashad.
Ashraf - Honorable; more distinguished
Avia - Spring time; God is my father
Ayden - fire
Bart - Furrow; Hill
Bashir - bearer of good news
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