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Unique Baby Girl Names Starting With J

Here is our list of beautifully unique baby girl names from all origins that start with the letter J.



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Jasmin - Flower name
Jassmine - Jassmine \j(a)-ssmi-ne, jas(s)-mine\ as a girl's name.

The baby name Jassmine sounds like Jasmine, Yasmine, Jessimine, Jessamine, Jazzmine, Jazmine, Jasmyne, Jasmina, Jasmin and Jasmaine. Other similar baby names are Jossline and Tasmine.
Jaycey - Jaycey \ja(y)-cey\ as a girl's name.

The baby name Jaycey sounds like Jacey and Jaycee. Other similar baby names are Kaycey and Caycey.
Jayme - Supplanter; One who replaces
Jazmin - Flower
Jazzmine - Flower name
Jeanae - God has answered
Jeanie - Gracious; Merciful; God is gracious; God is gracious
Jeanine - God is gracious
Jeannelle - Comes from the name Jean and elle meaning girl
Jeannine - Gracious; Merciful; God is gracious
Jehan - Beautiful flower
Jemmie - dove
Jenai - Name of a plant
Jenalee - God is gracious; Fair one
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