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girl commenter
Savannah said:
Natalie Alyssia <3

girl commenter
Nicole said:
I needed names for my story on wattpad... crazy but It worked Slayton Scott Steele Butler! I love it !

girl commenter
Alana said:
I'm looking for a middle name for my daughter soon to be born I I've decided on Paige for her first name and then for her middle names Aimee Taylor or Taela. Her full name would be Paige Aimee Taylor Constantinou initials PATC My initials are ART Alana Rose Taylor well that was my maiden name now it's ARC both words! My his band initials are AGC bye! I also like the name Nova and Nadia

boy commenter
James said:
I named my son's name Joseph Piers Kelly and it sounds wonderful :) thank you very much

girl commenter
mimi said:
My son's initals are C.A.R.

boy commenter
Aaron said:
I like Aaron better

neutral commenter
jackie said:
I like it better for a boy.

neutral commenter
kristal said:
Ray is a cute name. I can see it as a girl or boy name.

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