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azeneth said:
Just want to choose the best for my son
maria frellen said:
hai.Guy im pregnant 6 m0nth i just need to my baby nym c0mbind my nym maria frellen my husbund is Ronald iwant to combind plz help me thank y0u,
julande said:
Carol said:
I am 5 months pregnant i want to a name to my baby with the combination with my partner name Shane Francis and my name is Carol Jean..I have done my ultrasound and it said 80% girl..pls help me to combine the name with my partner that it sounds good.
manilyn said:
Lovely names
Janis said:
any time.
lany said:
Thanks guys.
Mackenzie Gonzalez said:
My name is mackenzie and my husband is Alex so I want to name my new baby girl maybe Alexandra or Alexis or even kendalynn or ummmm jasette maybe even kaylin or jaylin or Maria or Marie Mary or Lela or maybe even well my boyfriend Alex said coretta or Rosie is also cute but he loves the names I choose so maybe this can help me choose the right name for my baby girl anyone plz give me a name for my baby girl
Lianna said:
Me too!
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