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What's wrong, December ?
December! get in here now!
Oh wow December! You did a REALLY good job!
December is so funny!
December , did you do your homework?
December ! come clean up this mess!!
Where do you want to go for our summer vacation, December ?
December , don't forget to brush your teeth.
Aren't you glad its the weekend, December !
Those are very nice shoes, December
Goodmorning December, it is time to wake up.
How did you do on your driving test, December??
What do you want for dinner, December?
Hello Princess December!
December is so smart!
December, get downstairs right now!!
Can you do the dishes, December ?
December! Becareful!
Go get your brother, December.
That was a really funny joke, December!
Hey December , are you sleeping??
Is everything Ok, December?
That is a pretty dress December
How did it go, December ?
Look at me when I am talking to you December!