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Do you need alien names for a book you are writing? Give our generator a try... we have a lot of names for you to choose from.
Create Angel names with our angel name generator.
Does your child love dolls as much as mine? If they do, why not use our baby doll name generator to give your child's doll a very special name?
Generate names for bandits for your stories or just for fun!
Create the perfect name for your Barbie doll with our Barbie Name Generator
Generate cupid names for Valentines day
Create demon names. Perfect for any scary story!
Create dragon names for bed time stories, books or for any other reason. Just select the gender and you will be given a random dragon name, along with the personality of that dragon. Have fun and don't forget to share this page!
Create funny dwarf names for a bed time story, book or any other reason.
Create an elf (elven) name along with a personality. You can use your new elf in bed time stories, books, games and so on...
Do you need a ruler of a kingdom for the story you are telling/writing? Try our emperor/empress name generator.
Find the perfect genie name for a genie in your story, book or play with our Genie Name Generator!
You can use this generator to create ghost names and personalities.
Giants are big, giants are strong and giants are perfect for a story! Create giant names with our giant name generator.
Create gnome names with our angel name generator. Gnomes make perfect characters for any story or game!
Are you in need of a wonderfully ghoulish goblin for a ghost story you are telling? Well you are in luck, our goblin name generator creates creepy goblin names perfect for any story!
Create goddess names for your bed time story, book, or game. Who doesn't need a goddess in their life?
Create valiant knight names with our knight name generator! A great hero needs a great name!
Generate unique Leprechaun names for bed time stories or other reasons.
Create mermaid names to tell the perfect bedtime story.
Do you need scary monsters for a campfire story? We have a full set of monster names and monster personalities to help you out.
Generate first and middle names for fictional ninjas... perfect for any story!
Generate ogre names to make the perfect bed time story, book or game!
Generate first and last names for Pilgrims with our Pilgrim Name Generator!
Generate pretty princess names perfect for any story, book, etc.
Create your own samurai with our samurai name generator.
Generate Sea Monster names with our Sea Monster Name Generator!
Generate names for your sim! We made sure that all of the names in this generator are perfect for sims.
Generate the perfect stage name for yourself!
Create your own super hero to save the day. Make the perfect here for any bedtime story using our super hero name generator!
Generate cute teddy bear names for your child's favorite toy! The names in this generator were made by children for children, so I hope you enjoy!
Generate fantasy names for trolls in your stories, games or creative writing.
Are you making a story that involves a TV couple and you need generic mom and dad names? Try this TV Parents name generator!
Create unicorn names and personalities for bed time stories, books, games or just for fun.
Vampires were once human, of course, so a vampire would have a regular names We chose names that have darker meanings to make your vampire sound a little bit more sinister.
Vikings were Germanic Norse, seafaring people that were around from the late 8th to early 11th century. They created a name for themselves by exploring, trading and fighting. Use our name generator to create the perfect names for your Viking Warriors!
Create villain names that will make any one terrified! Make the perfect villain to challenge your hero's might!
A werewolf is a human with a curse that forces a transformation into a blood-thirsty wolf-like creature during a full moon. Give your werewolf the perfect name with our werewolf name generator.
Generate witch names for a scary bedtime story.
Create wizard names for your stories.