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Our Baby Name Generator will generate random baby names or you can use our baby name with parents names to combine parents' names or any two names. Add your last name to see how the full baby name will go together. You can also find baby names based on sibling names. After you find a first name, don't forget to head over to our middle name generator. Try our free baby name generator app for Android.
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Why use our baby name generator?

  • Naming a baby is hard! Our baby name finder is meant to make it easier, so you can focus on other things.
  • We have a unique name generator. You can combine parent's or sibling's names in multiple ways to make the best baby name
  • Combining letters in names makes the name more special. Your baby will always have a piece of you in their name.
  • You can also find random baby names if you do not want to use the name combiner.
  • You can easily find matching baby names for twins. All you have to do is choose which name you want each name to start with and voila! You are using it as twin name generator!
  • Find unisex baby names, which are great if you don't know the gender of your baby yet.
  • You can find the meaning of any baby name.
  • You can find the baby names by the country of origin.
  • You don't need to take a baby name generator quiz to find the perfect baby name!
  • Our baby generator can find boy names (male), girl names (female) or unisex names.
  • Using our advanced options you can optionally add the last name (surname) to see how the entire baby name will look together. You can also choose random last names from here.
  • Our name combiner feature also combines sibling names. This is a big help when trying to find sibling names that go together for a new brother or sister.

You might be asking yourself... how is it possible to combine names to make a new one?

That is a very good question! We have 3 advanced ways (explained below) to combine names, so don't worry... We have you covered!

Name generators are also good for inspiration. Sometimes you might not use any of the names you see, but the names you see might spark an idea. If you do come up with an idea for a name, you can go to our baby names search and find out ALL you could ever need to know about a name.

Our baby name generator is the best (mom and dad name) parent, (brother or sister) sibling name combiner! We know how to find excellent baby names.

Baby Name Generator Instructions

Our name generator has 3 functions, which are explained in detail below:

Random Name Generator

We find baby names for your child using the gender, origin & starting letters you select. You can optionally include the last name to see how the entire first & last name will look combined.

To use the random name generator, leave name 1 and name 2 blank and select the "random" search type, select gender and origin and click generate.

You can use this baby name finder to find girl names, boy names or unisex names. Leave gender on "any" to find random names from all genders.

Baby Name Generator with Parents' Names

Our name generator can also be used as a parent name combiner. It will find baby names ideas that are a combination of both mom and dad's names.

To use the name combiner, enter a name in name 1 and in name 2, pick a search type other than random, select gender and origin and click generate. If you want a completely original name that may not exist yet, try our other name combiner.
Search Types
  1. Combine Names - Takes random letters from each of the names to find the perfect baby name.
  2. Sounds like Parent's names - Finds baby names that sound similar to either (or both) of the parent's names.
  3. Same Meaning as Parent's names- Finds baby names that have the same meaning as one or both parent's names.

Name Combiner

Our name combiner can combine any 2 names and find amazingly adorable baby name ideas.

Enter any 2 names and select one of the name combiner search types.

Name Generator

Our name generator isn't just for baby names!

You can find names for characters in books, movies, TV shows, poems and anything else you can imagine! Let us help your creative juices flow freely without having to stop to think of names.

Best Little Baby FAQs

What are the best names for a boy?

It depends... do you want a common name? a unique name? or a name that combines parents' names? sibling names? A LOT of factors go in to choosing the best name for girls or boys. We make it a lot easier by giving you several options for finding the best baby name.

How to pick a baby name

Baby names are strongly based on your personal preference, but you should always keep your child in mind! You can go for a unique name, but just be wary... there are studies that show names affect ability to get a job, etc. We have a several articles on the subject:

What are the top baby names of 2019?

We have every month of 2019, broken down in blog post form here: Top Baby Names

What are some unique names for girls?

We made a list that answers this question perfectly! Unique Baby Girl Names. Here are a few names that made the list.

What is the most popular baby name on Best Little Baby?
For girls:
  1. Aaliyah
  2. Emily
  3. Ellie
For boys:
  1. Mason
  2. Paisley
  3. Lee
For unisex names:
  1. Ainslee
  2. Skye
  3. Rae
Random baby name question What do you think of the baby name, Genie for your girl?? I actually kind of like it!

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