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Our Baby Name Generator is the perfect solution to help you find a baby girl name, boy name, or gender-neutral name for your little one? You can find random names or discover name ideas by mixing, combining, and merging the parents' names.

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You can either click generate names right away and find random names or use the filters to find specific baby names.

How To Use Our Baby Name Generator

Using our name generator to find the perfect baby name is so simple that your baby can do it! Follow the simple steps below:

  • Select an Origin/Country For The Name

    You can use the origin/country filter to find baby names specific to any part of the world! If you are looking for Spanish names, Scandinavian names, English names, Swedish names, or Pawnee names (or many others), select it from the origin box, and we will display hundreds of names, perfect for your baby boy or baby girl!

  • Select the Baby's Gender

    You can select either All Names, Boy Names, Girl Names, Gender-Neutral/Unisex Names.

  • Select the Name Finding method.

    • Random Names

      You can generate completely random names from a large name database including names from all over the word.

    • Combine Names

      Enter 2 Names and our name combiner tool will combine them and find the perfect match. ex: Husband and Wife names, sibling names, favorite names, etc.

    • Sounds Like

      Find name ideas that sound like one or more names entered.

    • Same Meaning

      Find name ideas that have the same or similar specific meaning of the names entered into the baby name search boxes.

Our baby name helper will build a great list of new baby name ideas for your little one; You will have all the name inspiration you need! Now, the only thing left to do is choose the perfect baby name. You can also see how your new baby's name will look with the last name.

Baby Girl Names

We have over 26,000 of the top baby names for girls from all over the world included in our database. If you're looking for a name that is not on this list, you can always ask us to add it! A girl's name is one of the most crucial decisions that her parents will make for her. It needs to be something that suits her, represents their culture and family's legacy, and sounds beautiful with their last name.

Baby Boy Names

Our boy names page contains over 22,000 names! From popular baby names to unique, you are guaranteed to find the perfect name for your little one. We make it easy to find the perfect name by sorting through our database by category, alphabetically, or by popularity.

Unisex Names

Not sure what gender your future child is going to be? A gender neutral name is the perfect solution! Take a look at our large list of unisex names and you just might find a winner.

Baby Names Generator With Parents Name

Don't forget to try using our name combiner which uses the parent names to find similar names (or a unique name). Using the parent names to find unique baby names is an excellent way to subtly keep your precious one connected to your family's legacy, and it could just make for an adorable new tradition in the family.

Browse Baby Names by First Letter

In addition to using our one-of-a-kind baby name generator, you can use browse for the perfect boy name, girl name, or unisex name starting with a particular letter using our letter search below. If you want to test your baby knowledge, try this Baby Quiz, created by a mom.

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