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20 Hot Summer Baby Names That Will Make Your Heart Melt

Posted on June 25, 2018   |   Comments 

The words "Summer" and "pregnant" do not make a great combination, especially if you are nine months pregnant! Summer is the hottest time of the year yet it is the most common time to give birth. You would think that couples would work on getting pregnant in the summer months and then maybe spend the last few months of their pregnancy during the cooler months of Spring but no, many mothers are giving birth during the hottest times of the year. 

While you are worrying about chaffing, possibly heat stroke, or whether or not you brought an extra pair of clothes to change into because you are carrying around a 7-pound baby in your uterus and are sweating like a pig, we are going to help you find some decent names to choose from for your baby. 

Ladies first, let's start with the girl name Alayna. In the Greek origin, this name means "precious, sun ray, shining light. Alayna Rose is a nice combination, what about the nickname Layna, or Laynie. 

Maybe you want a similar meaning but Alayna isn't quite the name you are looking for. Keera is a Latin name meaning "light, sun". Let's hope you don't have an arachnophobia, Keera is also a type of spider!

Are you looking for a more unique name? Tasi is a unisex name in the Chamoru origin which means "sea, ocean". 

Simla is a girls name inspired by a hill town in northern India where, during the Raj, the British spent their hot summers. 

Not only suitable for the name of the daughter of Zeus and Leda but the name Helena sounds beautiful for a baby girl. This name means "bright one, torchlight, sunray, shining light".

Cyanea is also a Greek name meaning "sky blue". Cyanea Grace is a great name idea.

From the Welsh origin, the name Dylana means "born from waves". 

Aloe is not a very common name but it sure comes in handy when you have a sunburn!

Marina has a Russian meaning of "Sea-maiden".

Star can be a summer name inspired by starfish at the beach. 

For those little boys born in summer, we came up with some hot names! What about Oceanus or Ocean? Blue Ocean is a cool name combo! Oceanus is a Greek myth name for father of the Oceanids. 

Octavius is inspired by an octopus which the name means "eighth child". Octavius Fisher sounds like a great beachy summer name!

Poseidin may be a bit extreme but it can be a pretty sweet boys name if you ask us! If Summer is a popular month to be born than why not have a unique name?

Now to get even more creative why not consider the name Atlas? This is a Greek name that means "to carry" but of course it is a book of maps, maybe treasure maps?

Okay maybe we are getting carried away with the Greek mythological names but here is another one, Helios was the god of the sun. What name can possibly be more awesome than a little surfer baby named after a sun god?

Chanan is a Hebrew name that means "clouds, God was compassionate". Chanan Sky is a name to consider!

Nothing better than drinking a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice on a hot summer day. Try out the name Cam which is a Vietnamese name that means "orange fruit, or sweet beloved".

Napo is a less traditional name, it is of the Chamoru origin. This name means "wave, surf".

Sail is an English name that can be given any time of year but is a perfect name for a summer born baby boy. 

Tay is a boy's name of the Scottish origin. Tay the largest river in Scottland popular for catching near 50 pounds salmon! 

Rather than worrying about the heat of summer, we hope you have found your summer baby name. If not check out our baby name generator for other name ideas!


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