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Posted on March 06, 2019

Finding a baby name is hard work. It is a life altering decision and you only get one chance to get it right. A good name choice can possibly mean the difference between a job as an attorney and a job as a cashier.  If you do a simple search on google you will find countless articles that express the importance of a name. We are here to help ease the burden of name selection. You can browse our site's baby names database or use the name generators here or here on BestLittleBaby

You can also take a look at our name list below and choose from the most popular names of the month.

Girl Names

These are our most popular girl names for February 2019. Some names remain popular month after month, such as Aaliyah and Elizabeth, but there are a lot of new comers that look great!


Posted on March 01, 2019

The quest to choosing a baby name is never really an easy job. But hopefully by now you were able to list down some beautiful baby names from the last two discussed element’s Water and Air. The interesting thing about elements is that they are completely different from each other bearing no  [...]

Posted on February 25, 2019

People have been fascinated with zodiac signs since forever for multiple different reasons. Astrology provides you with the character traits of a person as per their zodiac allowing others to make sense of the person’s preferences, strengths, weaknesses and much more based on the signs. The  [...]

Posted on February 08, 2019

Here are our top names for January 2019. These names were 100% chosen by users and in my opinion the users did a fantastic job!


Girl Names


Posted on January 30, 2019

Sometimes new mommies and papas have no choice but to be travel by plane with their toddlers.  We understand how fretful and anxious you might be feeling about traveling with your toddler for the first time. But don’t worry; here we are with a few helpful tips that will make your life   [...]

Posted on January 23, 2019

Every couple is different from the other on so many levels not only in the way they interact with each other but how they deal with things together. Allow me to tell you about three types of couples. The first type is the ones who have their baby names ready even before they hear the confirmatory  [...]

Posted on January 09, 2019

Happy New Year! Along with the new year comes a new list of names. These are the top baby names for December 2018.  Enjoy! 

Girl Names


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