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Eagan - Fiery; Forceful; fire
Eagle - Eagle \e(a)-gle, eag-le\ as a boy's name. Bird name. Some Native American tribes name children after birds and animals.

Baby names that sound like Eagle are Egil, Eigil, Oakley, Oakly and Oaklee. Other similar baby names are Earle and Nagle.

Ebo - Born on Tuesday
Eckhardt - brave edge or point
Edison - Son of Edward; son of Edward
Edmund - Prosperous guardian
Eduardo - Guardian of prosperity; Guardian of the mists; wealthy guard
Edward - Guardian
Edwin - Valued
Egerton - From the town on the ridge
Elbridge - Old counsel; plank bridge; old bridge
Eldorado - the golden man
Eldred - Wise advisor
Eli - Jehovah is God; high
Elija - Jehovah is God
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