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Here is a list of baby names (boys and girls) that start with the letter "A"



Baby Names: 18

Abraham - Appeared in Romeo & Juliet
Adam - Appeared in As You Like It
Alana - Beautiful; Dear child
Alex - Protector of mankind; man's defender, warrior
Alexa - Protector of mankind
Alexandria - Protector of mankind
Alisa - Of the nobility
Alyssa - Noble; Truth
Amanda - Love; Worthy of love; Precious thing
Amaya - Amaya \a-ma-ya\ as a girl's name.

The baby name Amaya sounds like Amey, Ama, Amma, Amy, Amye and Amia. Other similar baby names are Amada, Amata, Amala, Amana, Amara and Amalya.
Amira - Princess; One who speaks; princess; treetop, proverb, or sheaf of corn
Anderson - Manly; Valiant; Courageous
Andre - Manly; Valiant; Courageous
Anissa - Favor; Grace
Antonio - Priceless; Flourishing; Flower
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