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Yamina - suitable, proper
Yana - God is gracious
Yara - A seagull
Yasmine - Jasmine flower; Gift from God; jasmine; jasmine flower
Yazmeen - Yazmeen \ya(z)-meen\ as a girl's name.

The baby name Yazmeen sounds like Yasmeen, Jasmeen, Yazmin and Yasmeena. Other similar baby names are Tasmeen, Yasmin, Jazmyn, Jazmon, Jazmin, Tasmeena, Yasmene, Yasmena and Yosleen.
Yessenia - meaning unknown
Yessika - Yessika \ye-ssi-ka\ as a girl's name is a variant of Yessica. See for origin and meaning of Yessika.

The baby name Yessika sounds like Jessika, Jessica, Jyssika, Jessyka, Jessicka, Jessaka, Jesika and Yesseca. Other similar baby names are Tessica, Yessenia, Yesenia, Jezika, Jesyka, Jessyca, Jessiqua, Jesseca, Jessca, Jessaca, Jesica, Jassica, Teskia, Yesemia and Yevka.
Yevette - yew
Yoanna - God is gracious
Yolanda - Violet flower; Modest
Yolette - meaning unknown
Yosefa - Jehovah increases
Ysabella - God's promise; God is my oath
Yulianna - Yulianna \yu-lianna, yuli(an)-na\ as a girl's name.

The baby name Yulianna sounds like Julianna, Illianna, Ilianna, Elianna, Juliana, Julyanna, Julianne, Juliann, Julieanna and Olianna. Other similar baby names are Galianna, Giulianna, Lilianna, Yulanda and Yulinka.
Yvette - Archer; yew
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