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Baby Names: 13

Xackery - Xackery \x(a)-cke-ry\ as a boy's name.

The baby name Xackery sounds like Zackery, Zakery, Zachery and Zackary. Other similar baby names are Packer and Zaccery.
Xalvador - Saviour
Xandra - Protector of mankind
Xandy - Protector of mankind
Xavia - Protector of mankind
Xavier - January; enlightened
Xayvion - bright; splendid; new house
Xena - Hospitable; guest, stranger
Xeni - protector of plants, flowers
Xenos - Stranger; hospitality
Ximenez - Ximenez \x(i)-me-nez\ as a boy's name is a variant of Ximenes (Spanish). See for meaning of Ximenez.

The baby name Ximenez sounds like Simmons and Simonson. Other similar baby names are Jimenez and Jimenes.
Ximon - God has heard
Xinia - Xinia \x(i)-nia\ as a girl's name.

The baby name Xinia sounds like Xenia and Zinia. Other similar baby names are Vinia, Jinia and Ginia.
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