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Baby names that are the names of cities, etc

Here is a list of baby names that are the names of cities, countries or continents.



Baby Names: 14

Africa - Pleasant
America - America \a-meri-ca, am(e)-rica\ as a girl's name (also used as boy's name America), .

The baby name America sounds like Amargot, Amargoe and Amargo. Other similar baby names are Africa, Aifrica, Affrica, Alarica, Amica, Amera, Arica and Airica.

Asia - From fantacy
Aspen - Place name
Avalon - Arthur's burial place
Bethany - House of God
Brooklyn - Water; Stream
Florence - Flowering
Florida - Flower
France - Free
Indiana - The country India
Kenya - Artist
Savannah - From the open plain; treeless plain
Virginia - Chaste; Pure
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