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A list of baby names inspired by the Holidays



Baby Names: 21

Autumn - Born in the fall; season of harvest
Charity - Benevolent; Goodwill; Love
Christian - Servant of Christ
Christina - Annointed; Follower of Christ
Christine - Annointed; Follower of Christ
Christoper - Christoper \ch-risto-per, chr(is)-toper\ as a boy's name.

The baby name Christoper sounds like Christopher and Christofer. Other similar baby names are Christer and Christoffer.
Faith - Faithful; loyalty; belief
Hope - Hope; expectation; belief
Jaden - Jehovah has heard
Jemima - Little dove; dove
Joseph - God wiIl multiply; Jehovah increases
Joy - Rejoicing
Mary - Bitter
Merry - Protector of the sea
Natalie - Born at Christmas
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