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Baileigh - berry clearing; bailiff; city fortification
Bali - berry clearing; bailiff; city fortification
Ballard - A dancing song
Bradon - From the broad meadow
Courtney - domain of Curtis
Devyn - Divine
Edita - strife for wealth
Jacque - Supplanter
Lindsay - From the linden tree island; Lincoln's marsh; island of linden trees
Luvena - Little beloved one
Marilynne - Marilynne \m(a)-ri-lynne, maril(yn)-ne\ as a girl's name is a variant of Marilyn (English). See for meaning of Marilynne.

The baby name Marilynne sounds like Marilynn and Marlynne. Other similar baby names are Carilynne, Carolynne, Carlynne, Karolynne, Karilynn, Karalynne, Marlyne, Madelynne, Marcilynn, Marilene, Marieanne, Marianne, Marylynn, Maralynn, Marlynn, Marlenne and Martynne.
Park - Keeper of the forest; Forest ranger; Cultivated land
Sammie - Sammie \s(am)-mie\ as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Sammie), is a variant of Samantha (English) and Sami. See for origin and meaning of Sammie.

The baby name Sammie sounds like Sammee and Sammi. Other similar baby names are Cammie, Jammie, Kammie, Pammie and Tammie.

Wesly - western meadow
York - From the farm of yew trees; boar settlement; yew settlement
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