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Cute baby names

Here are some cute baby names for you.


Baby Names: 15

  Brynly - burnt meadow

  Danon - From Denmark; from Denmark, Dane

  Edwyna - wealthy friend

  Jennalee - White wave

  Kandy - Ethiopian queen

  Katlyn - Pure; Innocent

  Kelven - River man; friend of ships

  Lyza - Devoted to God

  Merri - Joyful; joyful, lighthearted

  Milo - Merciful

  Molli - Bitter

  Starlynn - Unknown

  Suzy - Lily. Variant of Susannah. In the apocryphal Book of Tobit Susannah courageously defended herself against wrongful accusation. White lilies grew in the Biblical city of Susa in Persia.

  Toney - Unknown

  Tye - Enclosed

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