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Easter Baby Names

Easter baby names!

Here is a list of baby names having to do with Easter.



Baby Names: 20

Akina - Spring flower
Amaryllis - Sparkling; fresh, sparkling
Azalea - Flower
Begonia - Begonia \b(e)-go-nia\ as a girl's name. Flower name: the colorful house plant with fleshy leaves and white, yellow, pink or red blossoms. The plant was named for Michel Begon, an 18th-century governor of Santo Domingo.

Baby names that sound like Begonia are Bogna, Pegeen and Pagan. Other similar baby names are Belona and Bronia.
Blossom - Lovely; flower-like
Bunny - Little rabbit
Coney - rabbit
Daffodil - Flower
Daisy - The day's eye
Easter - Goddess of the dawn
Florida - Flower
Flower - Blooming flower; Flourishing
Iris - Flower
Jack - God is gracious
Lilly - Flower; Innocence; Purity; Beauty
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