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Baby names that meaning "Morning"

Good morning! Here is a list of baby names that have meanings related to "morning"



Baby Names: 40

Aahan - Dawn / Morning
Akeno - In the morning; bright shining field; bright shining field
Anusha - Beautiful morning; A star
Arundhati - Morning star
Arunika - early morning sunlight
Arunima - Glow of dawn
Awendela - Morning
Danaca - from Denmark; morning star; from Denmark
Danica - The morning star; morning star; from Denmark
Danika - Danish
Dannica - morning star; from Denmark
Dannika - morning star; from Denmark
Donika - morning star; from Denmark
Donnica - from Denmark; morning star; from Denmark; lady
Fajarayub - The name of morning prayers of Muslims.
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