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Airi - Airi \a(i)-ri\ as a girl's name is of Finnish origin. Uncertain origin and meaning.

Baby names that sound like Airi are Ari, Ara, Arria, Aria, Arie, Aura, Auria, Aure, Eir, Eira, Eire, Jeri, Jori and Uira. Other similar baby names are Abri, Aili, Ciri, Siri, Airin, Kiri, Liri and Miri.
Antti - Finnish form of Andrew manly
Anttiri - mannish
Eikki - Powerful
Heikkinen - surname meaning son of Henry
Joki - surname meaning river
Jorma - Farmer
Jurma - Legend name
Kirkkomaki - surname meaning church hill
Liisa - Consecrated to God
Maki - surname meaning hill
Oskari - leaping warrior
Paavo - Finnish form of Paul little
Russu - Rose
Rute - Beautiful
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