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30 English Boy Names

Here is a list of English boy names.

Here is a list of English names that are perfect for any boy.



Baby Names: 30

Alexavier - Protector of the New House.
Anchor - stability
Bobby - Bright; Famous
Cheston - Soldiers Camp
Coleman - Dove
Daley - Assembly; From the valley
DeAndre - DeAndre \de(a)-nd-re, dean-dre\ as a boy's name is pronounced dee-AHN-dray, dee-ahn-DRAY. It is of American origin. Modern name combining Andre with the prefix De-.

DeAndre has 6 variant forms: D'Andre, DeAndrae, DeAndray, Diandray, Diondrae and Diondray.

Baby names that sound like DeAndre are Deandre and Deondre.

Denny - From the oak tree valley
Elwood - From the old forest; old, noble woods
Everlie - boar meadow
Gerardo - Spear hard; spear brave
Graeme - Warring
Gregory - On the watch
Kendel - Royal valley; the Kent river valley
Kenneth - Handsome
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