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Good Names - Baby Names That Mean "Good" For Boys

These are baby names that mean some type of "good",like, good humor, good-looking and so on.


Baby Names: 34

  Adonis - Man loved by Aphrodite; Handsome; extremely good looking, handsome

  Amare - Amharic and Tigrinya of Ethiopia name meaning he is good looking.

  Asante - Kiswahili word for thank you.

  Boone - Sweet; Good

  Carter - Cart driver; one who transports goods

  Cartier - one who transports goods

  Chance - Secretary

  Cullen - Good looking lad; good-looking lad; handsome

  Darrius - He who upholds the good.

  Dora - Good gift

  Evander - Early founder of rome; Benevolent ruler; good man

  Fausto - Lucky

  Gentry - of gentle, good breeding, or high social position

  Hasan - good-looking, handsome

  Hassan - Handsome; good-looking, handsome

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