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Zadie - Princess
Zahara - Flower
Zahra - Flower
Zaida - Lucky; prosperous, fortunate
Zaina - Zaina \za(i)-na\ as a girl's name is pronounced ZAY-nah. It is of Greek origin. Variant of Xenia. Also possibly (Arabic) "beauty". May also be used as a feminine variant of Zane. See also Zenia.

Zaina has 5 variant forms: Zahna, Zana, Zayna, Zaynah and Zenia.

Baby names that sound like Zaina are Zanna and Zina.

Zainab - daughter of the prophet
Zaira - Princess
Zaire - Rose
Zara - Light
Zarah - Dawn; princess; radiance
Zaria - Princess
Zariah - Rose; radiance
Zariya - Beauty and Light
Zayda - Lucky; prosperous, fortunate
Zaynab - Zaynab \za(y)-nab\ as a girl's name.

The baby name Zaynab sounds like Zenobia and Zenobie. Other similar baby names are Zaynah and Zayna.
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