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March Baby Names

Baby names that represent the month of March.


Baby Names: 16

  Afram - Akan of Ghana name referring to the Afram River in Ghana''s Ashanti Region.

  Aisley - Dwells at the ash tree meadow

  Aiston - From the ash tree farm

  Alvern - spring, greening

  Ashla - Meadow of ash trees; ash meadow

  Ashlyn - Meadow of ash trees

  Aston - east settlement; ash tree settlement

  Blossom - Lovely; flower-like

  Clover - Clover

  Daisy - The day's eye

  Goldie - Gold

  March - Warlike; Hammer; Defender

  Marigold - Mary's gold - refers to both the flower and the mother of Jesus.

  Patrick - Noble one

  Rose - Rose

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