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Russian's names consist of 3 names, the first, a patronymic, and a surname. Here are some great first name ideas carefully chosen just for you!


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Akeila - From the Arabic name Akilah meaning Wise: Bright: smart.
Alzbeta - Czechoslovakian form of Elizabeth consecrated to God
Bohumil - God's peace
Feodora - gift of God; God's gift
Ferda - Brave
Honza - Gift from God
Jozka - God will multiply
Krasava - Beautiful
Lojza - Famous warrior
Ludmila - loved by the people
Lyubov - Love. Alternate Spellings: Lyuba or Luba.
Milada - my love
Miloslav - loves glory
Mirek - Peace
Mischa - who resembles God
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