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Top 100 Baby Girl Names Starting With The Letter B

Here is our list of popular baby girl names starting with the letter B.



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Brea - Strong
Breana - Close to God. Variant of Brian.
Breanna - Strong.
Breanne - Strong; high, noble, exalted
Bree - Hill
Brenda - Prince; Beacon on the hill
Brenna - Beacon on the hill; Little raven
Breonna - Breonna \b-reonna, bre(on)-na\ as a girl's name is a variant of Breanna (English). See for meaning of Breonna.

The baby name Breonna sounds like Breona, Brenna, Brionna and Bryonna. Other similar baby names are Breonda, Arionna, Breina, Breiana, Breeanna, Breeana, Breawna, Breauna, Breanne, Breann, Breanda, Breana, Breena, Brenda, Brennda, Brenn, Brynna, Brinna, Brennah, Brenne, Brennan, Brianna, Bryanna, Brienna, Brieanna, Brionne, Briona, Bronya, Bronny and Bronia.
Bria - Strong; high, noble, exalted
Briana - Strong; high, noble, exalted
Brianna - Strong; high, noble, exalted
Brianne - Strong; high, noble, exalted
Briar - thorny bush of wild roses, brambles
Bridget - Strength; Mythological Celtic Goddess of fire and poetry
Bridgette - Strength; Mythological Celtic Goddess of fire and poetry
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