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Mackenzie - Fair; Favored one; Son of the fair man; Son of Kenzie
Macklin - Son of Flann
Macy - From Matthew's land; Club; weapon
Madison - Son of a mighty warrior
Makaio - Makaio \m(a)-kaio\ as a boy's name.

The baby name Makaio sounds like Makai and Mikio. Other similar baby names are Makario, Makani, Makary, Makari, Makar, Mackario, Macario, Makoto, Mario and Maurio.
Makari - blessed
Malachai - Messenger of God
Mallorie - unlucky
Malvin - Chief; Leader
Manny - God is with us
Marcelo - Marcelo \m(a)-rce-lo, mar-celo\ as a boy's name is a variant of Marcel (French). See for meaning of Marcelo.

The baby name Marcelo sounds like Marcely, Marcello and Marcell. Other similar baby names are Darcel, Darcell, Marzell, Martell, Marcelin, Marceau, Marcio, Mardel, Markell, Markel, Martel, Marvell and Marvel.
Mario - Bitter; King-ruler
Mark - God of war
Marko - Warlike; Hammer; Defender; dedicated to Mars
Marlon - Falcon
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