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100+ Baby Girl Names Starting With D

Take a look at these adorably delightful baby girl names starting with the letter D.



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Dafne - laurel tree
Daisy - The day's eye
Dakota - Friend
Dalary - Invented Name
Dale - Valley
Dalia - Gentle
Dalila - gentle
Daliyah - Tree branch; gentle; slender branch, tendril
Dallas - From the dales; The valley meadows; Name of a Texas city; from the dales, the valley meadows
Dallin - Valley
Dalton - Valley
Damaris - Heifer
Damian - Damian \d(a)-mian\ as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Damian), is a variant of Damia (Greek). See for meaning of Damian.

The baby name Damian sounds like Damyan, Damiane and Damiana. Other similar baby names are Darian, Dahiana, Damyen, Damyana, Damya, Damita, Dama, Dania, Dorian, Darrian, Darion, Darien, Dariane, Daviane, Daviana, Demiana, Demia, Dian and Dumia.
Damien - Untamed
Damya - Damya \d(a)-mya, dam-ya\ as a girl's name is a variant of Damia (Greek). See for meaning of Damya.

The baby name Damya sounds like Dama, Demia, Dumia, Dumiya, Tama and Tamma. Other similar baby names are Dalya, Damyan, Danya, Darya, Datya, Daya, Dasya and Samya.
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