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100+ Baby Girl Names Starting With D

Take a look at these adorably delightful baby girl names starting with the letter D.



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Dorothea - Talented one; gift of God
Dorsey - From Arcy; Dark
Dorthy - gift of God
Dovie - Dovie \d(o)-vie\ as a girl's name.

The baby name Dovie sounds like Dove, Davia, Devi, Dova, Tavie and Tove. Other similar baby names are Dorie, Dodie and Docie.
Drew - Sturdy; Vision
Dru - Sturdy; Vision
Dru - Dru \d-ru\ as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Dru), is a variant of Drusilla (Latin). See for meaning of Dru.

The baby name Dru sounds like Drue, Dory, Dori, Dora, Drea, Dara, Dari, Dore, Doro and Drew. Other similar baby names are Pru, Del, Ara, Ari, Ora, Bri, Da-, Dai, Dee, Darb, Day, De-, Dea, Deb, Di, Dot, Doe, Drucy, Ira, Nuru and Prue.
Dustin - Valiant fighter; Dark stone
Dusty - Valiant fighter; Dark stone
Dwayne - dark, swarthy
Dyllan - Born from waves; born from waves
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