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Baby Names: 15

Nadia - Hope
Naomi - Beautiful
Natalia - Born at Christmas
Natalie - Born at Christmas
Nevaeh - Ne-Vay-Uh Heaven spelled backwards.
Nia - Abbreviation of names ending in -nia
Nicole - People's victory; people of victory
Nina - Girl; little girl; great-granddaughter
Noelle - Christmas; Christmas
Nola - Olive tree
Nora - Honor; Light
Norah - Honor; Light; honor; sun ray, shining light; woman of honor; compassion; light
Nova - New; new
Nyla - From the river Nile.
Nylah - Nylah \n(y)-lah\ as a girl's name is a variant of Nyla (English). See for meaning of Nylah.

The baby name Nylah sounds like Nela, Nola, Nailah, Nila and Nula. Other similar baby names are Kylah, Lylah and Nyah.
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