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Baby Names: 26

Ava - Refuge in battle
Brooklyn - Water; Stream
Charlotte - Petite; Feminine
Dylan - born from waves
Emma - Whole; Complete
Faith - Faithful; loyalty; belief
Gabriel - heroine of God
Harper - Harpist; Minstrel
Isabella - God's oath
James - James \j(a)-mes\ as a girl's name (also used as boy's name James), is a variant of Jaime (Spanish). See for meaning of James. See also Jacqueline, Jamesina and Jamie.

The baby name James sounds like Jamese and Jemsa. Other similar baby names are Jamey, Jamee and Jamei.

Kennedy - armored
Logan - Little hollow; hollow
Mia - Mine
Nora - Honor; Light
Olivia - Olive tree
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