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Ellison - Jehovah is God
Emery - Brave; Powerful
Emmett - entire, universal
Emory - Ruler of work; Powerful home
Esme - Kind defender
Felipe - Loves horses
Florence - Blooming flower; Flourishing; flowering, in bloom
Garland - Crowned in victory; land of the spear; wreath; prize
Garnet - A dark-red gemstone
Harper - Harpist, minstrel
Hayleigh - hay meadow; ingenious, clever
Hunter - Hunter \hu(n)-ter\ as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Hunter), is pronounced HUN-ter. It is of Old English origin. Occupational surname used as a given name. Made familiar by actress Hunter Tylo.

Similar baby names are Hester and Winter.

Iliana - Trojan
Jenesis - Creation or Beginning
Jess - Jasmine flower; Gift from God; God is gracious; jasmine; He sees
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