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100+ adorable Italian baby girl names for 2020.

Enjoy our full list of Italian baby girl names for the brand new year of 2020! If you need some more inspiration, here is a word game site that unscrambles italian words.



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Abriana - Variant of Italian.
Allegra - gay, jaunty
Amalea - hard-working
Amelda - universal battle
Andreea - Love; Joy
Annmarie - Variant of Mary.
Antonietta - Priceless
Armonie - A Priceless Gift From The Heavens
Bambina - Bambina \b(a)-mbi-na\ as a girl's name is a variant of Bambi (Italian). See for meaning of Bambina.

Similar baby names are Bambie, Bambalina, Baibin, Battina, Jamina, Pamina, Bobina and Yamina.
Belina - Italian for Beautiful French for Goddess.
Belinda - Beautiful woman
Belle - Beautiful woman
Beonca - white, pure
Beyonca - white, pure
Bianca - White; white, pure
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