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Hello, I'm trying to pick a name before my son gets born. I want to name him something unique because my name is also unique (Shaki). I have narrowed it down to the options below. Also, if it's helpful for deciding, he will probably have blond hair, and h

 Blast Nike Redford
 BlukeG Redford
 Twister Treasure Redfordja

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Bobbi said:
2/21/2018 9:26:43 PM
Hey Shaki, I can't help but wonder, are you serious? I think there are some typos in your poll? But regardless, "Blast Nike" is definitely unique, but not necessarily in a good way for a name. Just keep in mind, your son will be known by this in school, at work and all through his life. It sounds like a rapper name... I think a man called "Blast" would have a hard time being taken serious. And "Twister Treasure"... I'm not a fan of that one, either. It sounds extreme even for the Kardashians. Obviously, the choice is up to you, but since you've asked for feedback, I feel a need to advise you against sticking your child with one of those names. Here are a few new suggestions, that are unique and may go well with your last name (which appears to be Redford). Dustin Zane Redford Cody Vance Redford Desmond Swain Redford Ezra Aster Redford Burke Arlo Redford Take care! Hopefully you found this helpful.

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