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What Does Fiora Mean?
"Fiora \fi(o)-ra\ as a girl's name is pronounced fee-OR-ah. It is of Gaelic origin. A variant of Fiona, created by A. E. Maxwell for a lead character in the "Fiddler" series of mystery novels.

For more information, see also the related name Flora.

Baby names that sound like Fiora are Fiori and Fiore. Other similar baby names are Liora, Dora, Mira, Nora, Zora, Rora, Bora, Kiara, Ciara, Siara, Ciera, Cira, Cora, Kora, Deora, Nira, Dior, Eira, Leora, Lira, Fabra, Farra, Fara, Fedora, Fadora, Fiala, Filia, Fina, Fionna, Fione, Ffiona, Flory, Floria, Flori, Flore, Flor, Kira, Kirra, Kiera, Lora, Lior, Mora, Mirra, Noora, Piera, Fedra, Fila, Siera, Tiera, Thora, Tiara, Tora, Viona, Viola and Uira.