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What Does De- Mean?
"De- \de\ as a boy's name (also used as girl's name De-), is pronounced de. It is of American origin. Combination of the De- prefix with various endings. Pronunciation emphasis is on the second syllable. These given names follow the French style of aristocratic surnames using the prefix de-. Capitalizing the second syllable is optional; names of this type appear both ways in contemporary usage. See also Da-.

De- has 39 variant forms: DeAndre, DeAngelo, Deante, Deanthony, Dejohn, Dejon, DeJuan, Deleon, Delon, DeLoran, DeLorean, Demar, DeMarco, DeMarcos, DeMarcus, DeMario, Demarr, Demauri, Demond, Demonte, Deondre, Deontae, Deonte, Derelle, DeRon, DeRoyce, Desean, DeShawn, Deshay, Deval, Devane, Devante, Devaughn, Devaun, Devell, Devonn, Devonte, Dewayne and DeWitt.

Baby names that sound like De- are Dee, Dai, Daw, Day, Dewi, Dow and Teo. "