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15 Top Girl Names With Unique Spellings

Posted on September 18, 2017   |   Comments 

Is your favorite girl name too popular for your liking? Here are some popular girl names that have several different spellings you can choose from so it is a little more unique!


Let's start with one of the most popular names on our site like Aaliyah. This name has Arabic and Hebrew meanings of "high exalted" and "to ascend, rising, ascending". There are several different ways you can spell Aaliyah: Aaliya, Aaleyah, Aaleahya, Aalijah. 

If you want a more popular name from the top names in the United States, here are some straight from the Social Security Administration. 


1. Emma is the number one girl name from 2016. There aren't many ways to spell Emma so you have to get creative with this one. Here are a few that we came up with: Ema, Emah, Emmuh. 

2. Sophia is the fourth most popular girl name for last year, it means "wisdom". Some other ways you can spell Sophia are: Sofia, Sophiya, Sofiya, Sophiyah.

3. Isabella is the fifth most popular name and it means "God's oath". Some spelling varieties are: Izabella, Isabellah.

4. Abigail is the eighth most popular girl name last year and it means "head of a monastery". Let's see what spellings we can come up with: Abigayl, Abigale, Abbigayle. 

5. Emily is a French girl name that means "hardworking" and it is the ninth most popular name from last year. Some unique ways to spell Emily are: Emilee, Emiley, Emilei.

6. Amelia is in eleventh place of the top girl names from last year. Amelia means "industrious, striving" and is of English origin. Some different ways you can spell Amelia are: Ameelia, Ameilia, Ameliyah.

7. Aubrey is the twenty-fifth most popular girl name from last year and it means "elf or magical being, power". You could spell Aubrey like this: Aubree, Aubrie, Aubrey.

8. Zoey is a bit short so there may not be many different ways to spell it. This name means "life" in the Greek origin. Let's see how we can spell Zoey: Zoee, Zoei, Zohey.

9. Layla is in thirtieth place last year and it means "born at night" in the African origin but "dark as the night, or night beauty" in the Arabic origin. Some spelling variations are: Laila, Laylah, Layluh.

10. Allison is the forty-ninth popular girl name in the United States for last year and it means "son of the noble". I am not too sure about the meaning because I don't know too many boys named Allison but it is a pretty name. If you don't like the spelling you can spell it like this: Alisun, Alison, Alyson.  

11. Ariana is number fifty-four and it means "very holy one". Some different ways to spell Ariana are: Arianna, Areiana, Aryanna.

12. Adeline is number sixty-three and means "good humor". Adaline, Aduhline, Addeline are some other ways you can spell it. 

13. Kaylee means "pure, innocent" in the English origin. This name is #70 on last years list and if you need some alternate spellings here they are: Kaelee, Kailee, Kaylei.

14. Jasmine means "Jasmine flower, a gift from God" in the English origin. You can spell Jasmine in the following ways: Jazmine, Jasmyn, Jazmynn. Jasmine is #122 on last years top names. 

15. Trinity was #136 and it means "the holy three, triad" in the Latin origin. Some other ways to spell Trinity are: Trynity, Trinitee, Trinitei.


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