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Posted on February 26, 2018   |   Comments 

Naming your baby is not about naming he or her after your mother or father or naming him John or Ruth in remembrance of your Grandparents! Naming your baby has become A "thing" now, people have friends voting on names, and some people even name their baby according to the weather conditions on their birthday, Stormi for example. The most important thing about naming your little guy or gal is having an easy yet creative way of doing it. Why not use our baby name generator?

There are 3 ways you can use our baby name generator. First, you can mix the parent's names or you can choose any two names you would like to mix. For example, if we take the most popular two names over the past 100 years, Mary and Michael, and mix the two names to get some name ideas for a boy or girl we come up with 30 different names! Here are some to name a few: 







Next, the names can be generated to sound like the parent's names. Here are some name ideas using Michael and Mary again:







Lastly, you can generate names that have the same or similar meanings of the parent's names. Michael means "like God, one who resembles God". Mary means "bitter, star of the sea". Here are some names generated with the same or similar meanings:

Makai- this name means "one who resembles God".

Mical- "resembles God".

Lynn- "bitter".

Marilyn- "little mary", "bitter".

Makayla- "one who resembles God".

If you are not happy with the names that were generated for you, you can simply click on the "New Names" button under the names that were generated and it will generate a new list of 30 names for you! If you are looking for other creative ways to name your baby click HERE for 14 other baby name generators you can try!





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Please gaurav and aparna baby boy match name
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I want P and S Matching Baby Boy Name
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