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Baby Names And Zodiac Signs (Part 2)

Baby Names And Zodiac Signs (Part 2)
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The quest to choosing a baby name is never really an easy job. But hopefully by now you were able to list down some beautiful baby names from the last two discussed element’s Water and Air. The interesting thing about elements is that they are completely different from each other bearing no qualities of the other. But, they work best when brought together in perfect harmony.

The same can be said for the rest of the elements too, Earth and Fire, each is uniquely different from the other. Nothing in this world functions nor exists without it being rooted to the basic principles of these four elements. Earth being the basics of the human existence and fire being the youngest of the four elements have their own peculiar properties.

Let’s continue with the remaining elements category and then move on to the Astrological Quality Category to understand the complete picture.

Element Category

Continuing from the flexibility, sensitivity and depths of water and the agility, free-flowing and analytical intellect of the air, we now look into Earth and Fire.

EARTHEarth is all about stability, reality, practicality and staying grounded. Mother earth is seen as that which soaks everything from good to bad inside it but brings about beauty to the surface. Processing related to the earth element is always on an internal level, never on the surface but sprouts results when the time is right.

Similarly, zodiac signs with the element earth like Capricorns, Taurus and Virgo are signs that have Practical Intelligence. With their analytical disposition, calm exterior and nurturing nature, these earth signs are very self and surrounding aware who are much grounded individuals. However, they can be deeply emotional and sensitive as earth tends to hold everything inside for very long period of time.

Names that allow the earth signs to not only stay grounded but also signify flying and looking out at the horizon will create an opposing effect on them. Who says you can’t fly high and yet still be rooted? Some beautiful baby names for earthys can be Ines (‘pure’), Sabiya (‘eastern wind’) or Kai (‘sea’).

FIRE – Just hearing the name, one can vividly imagine sparks! The most feared element of the four is perhaps the most misunderstood – Fire. It is feared because of its ability to turn things into ashes but if you actually look at it with realistic eyes, this is true transformation. Fire assists in transformation, rapid movement and evolving.

Like the properties of the element, fire element individuals can be really fierce, go-getters and show possessive intuitive intelligence. They are leaders who don’t sit around on an idea but like to act on it which is all good until they forget they can be pushing and walking over certain people in order to pursue their goals. They can be aggressive, feisty and impulsive if not in harmony with their true nature.

Hence, in order to bring about balance and harmony in their predisposition, you must name these individuals in contrast to their zodiac signs. Fire needs grounds to burn on, air to spread and water in case it loses control so a name with complimentary meaning would serve them best. Duke (‘leader’), Margot (‘pearl’), Luna (‘the Moon’) or Pax (‘peacemaker’) would be some good options for fire baby names.

Astrological Quality Category

Now come the further three categories the zodiacs are slotted in. From each of the three signs from the every single element, each has one of each modality present in it. Cardinal, Mutable and Fixed. So from the Element Earth’s Capricorn is Cardinal – Taurus is Fixed and the Virgo is Mutable.

Thus, representing individual qualities to each of the member of the elemental category. Aside from having similarities based on their elemental properties, they are also influenced by these qualities suggesting that you can further go deeper in choosing the perfect baby name for newborns.

Here’s what each of these modalities stand for.

Cardinal – Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Cardinals are Leaders, trendsetters and go-getters. They are the ones who get the party started and create the hype.

Fixed – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Fixed signs are the ones who provide a solid foundation, they provide stability. They pump up the pace when cardinals push it their way.

Mutable– Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarians and Pisces. Mutable signs are the flexible, adapter, wiser and comfortable with transformation ones. They can surely provide both Fixed & Cardinals with a stable comfortable ground when going through change.

Now that you are aware of the science behind the zodiacs signs and why each of them may behave the way they do, you can make a wiser and more conscious choice for the name of your baby. Name doesn’t only represent a person but the meaning can also have a profound impact on the personality.


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