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Fabulous Fall Baby Names That You Gotta Love

Posted on September 22, 2017   |   Comments 

Today is the first day of Fall, the time when the leaves start to turn orange, red, and brown, and when we fill our bellies with spiced lattes and pumpkin donuts! Not only are the lattes good but some babies are soon to be born and maybe you are looking for a fabulous fall baby name but you can't find one! We will solve that problem.

Here are some Fall baby names that you gotta love!


A pretty obvious name on the top of the list is Autumn. This name is an easy guess, it means "born in the fall, season of harvest." 

Amber is another perfect name to represent the color of Fall! Amber means "brownish- yellow, precious stone".

Apple is a sweet name! 

Auburn is a unisex name and it means "moderate or reddish brown". One of the best parts of Fall are the color change of the leaves.

Berry is a unisex Fall name, you can't pass up berry cobbler in the fall! 

Blessing fits the season of Fall because we are thankful for what we are blessed with. 

Candy corn is everyone's favorite candy in Fall why not name your little girl Candy? 

Demi is not a name heard every day unless you are referring to Demi Lovato! Demi means "mythological goddess of corn and harvest." 

Flavia means "blonde, golden hair, yellow hair". This reminds me of the yellow leaves of Fall, or the yellow corn of harvest. 

Hamden is a boy name that means "praised". Ham is one popular meat at Thanksgiving! 

Masefield is a cool boy name that means "corn field". 

October is a fun month and a fun baby girl name! 

Ruby red leaves are a beautiful sight! 

September is a great fall girl name being that Fall falls in September! 

Teresa is a new one to our list and it means "harvester".

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