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Prepare Your Young One For His New Sibling with These Tips

Your little one is soon going to be a big brother. Use these handy tips to get your child acquainted with his newborn sibling.
Posted on November 29, 2017   |   Comments 

A new baby isn’t just a change for you; it is also a change for your child. Being used to having you and your love all for himself, your child may not graciously accept his new sibling into the fold.

Use these tips to get your child ready for his new baby sibling:


Involve your child in the pregnancy

The best way to nip unhealthy sibling rivalry in the bud is to keep your child involved at all stages of the pregnancy. Inform him that a new baby will soon be a part of the family and emphasize how important your child is to the new baby. Allow your child to give vent to his emotions regarding the pregnancy. By the time your baby does arrive, your older one will have made his peace with the baby.


Be vocal about how important your older child is to you and the family

Older children can easily feel neglected and abandoned after the arrival of the new baby. By being vocal to him about your love for him, not only are you reassuring your child of your love for him, you are also removing any traces of resentment or hate he has for his sibling.


Introduce the baby-schedule well in advance

New sleep times, new meal times, new play times…the list doesn’t end. Whatever lifestyle changes you’ve planned for the newborn, they need to be implemented on your older child too. When your child is acclimatized to these lifestyle changes, he won’t resent his sibling for being the cause for them.


Show your child pictures of the ultrasound

The best thing you could do is show your child scans of the fetal ultrasound. By showing these pictures and re-affirming that the fetus is “your baby brother/sister”, you are more likely to get your child to wait for and love the new baby.


Let your child be the first one to visit you after the birth

Your little one may be confused and scared during the hustle and bustle of the birth. By letting him visit you immediately after, you are not only reassuring him with your presence, but you are also giving him the opportunity to see his newborn sibling for the very first time. This introduction will impact his relationship with the baby.


Ask visitors to bring “big brother/ big sister” presents for your older one

Your visitors are sure to bring gifts for the new baby and for you. To make your child feel involved and special, ask them to bring big brother/big sister gifts. Seeing these, your child is more likely to be proud of the new status as big brother/ big sister and will take care of the baby.

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