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Top 10 AKC Pet Names That Are Great For Your Baby As Well

Check out the top AKC  Pet names, they may make the perfect baby name!
Posted on August 04, 2017   |   Comments 

To some people, pets are like kids too. These names are chosen especially for the pet lovers out there. All of these names are very commonly used for human children and animal children alike. 

Here are the Top Boy Names

  1. Max-Son of the wise leader
  2. Charlie-Strong; Manly
  3. Buddy-Herald; To puff up; Friend; brother
  4. Cooper-Barrel maker; barrel maker
  5. Jack-God is gracious
  6. Rocky-Rock
  7. Toby-Abbreviation of the Hebrew name Tobiah meaning Jah is good.
  8. Duke-Leader of the seas
  9. Bear-strong, brave bear
  10. Tucker-Tailor; garment maker


Here are the Top Girl Names

  1. Bella-Beautiful
  2. Lucy-Light; Illumination
  3. Daisy-The day's eye
  4. Molly-Bitter
  5. Lola-Strong; Strong-woman
  6. Sadie-Princess
  7. Maggie-Pearl
  8. Sophie-Wisdom. Variant of Sophia; wisdom
  9. Chloe-Blooming; green shoot
  10. Bailey-Bailiff; Fortification; Able


My favorite girl name from the list is Bella and Cooper is my favorite boy name on the list.

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